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Active travel can bring a host of benefits for pupils, parents, schools, and the environment, and can be a great source of fun! Active travel involves choosing activities such as walking, cycling, or scooting as the means of transport to school. By adopting active travel we can create many positive impacts, including: 

For Pupils

  • Improved mood, reduced stress, and happier students. 
  • Enhanced concentration, leading to better focus and readiness to learn. 
  • Improved mental wellbeing, reducing stress and anxiety. 
  • Enhanced physical health, improving cardiovascular fitness and strength. 
  • Increased road safety awareness, fostering responsible behaviour. 

For Parents/Guardians

  • Improved parent-child relationships through shared commutes. 
  • Increased social interaction among families. 
  • Cost-saving on fuel expenses. 
  • Setting a healthy lifestyle example for their children. 

For the School

  • Reduced traffic congestion around the school premises. 
  • Better academic performance by physically active students. 
  • Enhanced reputation as a community-focused school. 
  • Stronger ties with local authorities, promoting a safer community. 

For the Environment

  • Improved air quality, benefiting pupil health and the community. 
  • Reduced noise pollution, creating a calmer environment. 
  • Decreased emissions, contributing to combating climate change. 
  • Better utilisation of space/resources with fewer cars. 

Ideas to Support Active Travel at Your School 

There are several things that can be done to promote active travel and reap the benefits in school: 

  • Create a School Travel Plan  
    Develop a comprehensive plan that outlines strategies and goals for promoting active travel among pupils, parents, and staff. 
  • Promote Active Travel  
    Communicate the benefits of active travel to pupils, parents, and staff through newsletters, posters, and online platforms. 
  • Undertake an Active Travel Audit  
    Conduct an audit to understand current active travel habits and use the findings to inform your School Active Travel Plan. 
  • Deliver Active Travel Initiatives  
    Organise events and activities that encourage active travel, such as walking to school days and cycling challenges. 
  • Celebrate Participation  
    Recognise and celebrate pupils and parents who actively participate in active travel initiatives. 
  • Walking to School Day  
    Designate a specific day each month as a “Walking to School Day” to encourage everyone to leave their cars behind and embrace walking. 
  • Walking Bus  
    Organise walking groups with designated adult leaders to accompany and supervise pupils on their walk to school, fostering a sense of community. 
  • Introduce Bikeability  
    Offer Bikeability training at your school to enhance cycling skills and promote safe cycling practices. 
  • Bike and Scooter Storage  
    Ensure your school has suitable and secure storage facilities for bikes and scooters to encourage their use. 
  • Bike Maintenance Kit  
    Have a bike maintenance kit on-site to assist pupils and parents in keeping their bicycles in good condition. 
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